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Young Amish widow Annabell Kranz desires something for Christmas--to fulfill her mystery wants earlier than she remarries a guy from her group. while she sneaks from her village and will get misplaced one blustery evening close to the old fashioned city of Cool hole, Missouri, it’s an interloper who rescues Annabell. The interesting, appealing furnishings maker Nicole Croft awakens issues in Annabell she didn’t understand existed. issues she shouldn't ever feel--or do.

Following a contemporary breakup along with her female friend, Nicole is in no temper to hassle with a half-frozen girl in Amish garb...until she gazes into Annabell’s needy eyes, sees into her misplaced soul, and hears her tender pleas to undress her, hot her, make like to her.

What Annabell wishes, Nicole can provide. but when she does, the 2 can have simply seven days prior to Annabell walks out of Nicole’s existence forever...and marries an Amish man.

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I can. You gave her to me. And if you think you can back out…try. I’ll fucking gut you. I get what I want, Vincent. ” Vincent’s face flushed an angry red, but then the color drained out of his face as he stared into Joel’s face. He meant it. And he was too fucking afraid of Joel to do what he normally would have done to somebody who threatened him. He’d tried, several times, to kill Joel. And each time, it had cost him men. Lots of men. Tracy didn’t know what in the hell to think as Vincent gave one terse nod before turning to face her.

That didn’t stop the fantasies though. And they had become more frequent, more intense lately. Hell, there were even times when he fantasized about taking Tracy, driving his dick inside her tight, dry pussy, as Joel fucked him. Jealousy ate him alive. Not because his wife was fucking another man. But because she was fucking the man he wanted. Jamil’s appeal had palled, and Vincent had kicked his longtime lover to the curb, but now he wished he hadn’t. His balls ached, his cock hurt, and he needed to get fucked.

Joel sighed as he felt Carly’s presence settle around him. It was always just a little colder when she was there. Unless she was mad. When a ghost was mad, it wasn’t a little colder. It was a lot colder. Right now, though, it was just chilly. Carly wasn’t happy with him, but she wasn’t pissed. Just out of the corner of his eye, he saw the faint white glow of her body. She wouldn’t materialize all the way, not here. Some of the men here were likely sensitives and she wouldn’t chance it. But that wouldn’t keep her from talking to him.

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