Absorption and Space Reddening in the Galaxy as Shown by the - download pdf or read online

By Stebbins J.

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Talk to Glin Angat—he owes me his career. Tell him I want warp-nine drones launched into the Bajoran sector and every bit of communication blanked out. Tell him to lose any record of where those drones have gone. Make sure he understands that part. No one is to know where the drones have gone. " "And call Gul Ebek. " Plucking the commander's uniform jacket from its hook on the wall, Renzo held it so Fransu could slip into it. " Fransu neither nodded nor disagreed, for his mind was already far away from here.

Its collapsed areas and false turnoffs had confounded their tricorder and turned what should've been an hour's glance into a daylong exploration. The widest place they'd come through had been back about an eighth of a kilometer, and it had only been four feet wide and six tall. Odo couldn't even stand up all the way. Of course, Odo could be shorter if he wanted to. The skinniest place had been all of twenty inches wide. Odo hadn't found it a problem, but O'Brien had done some fancy squirming to get his shoulders through, and taken a scrape or two or three on the odd edge.

They won't be any deader, Chief. All of you keep your mouths shut until I figure out what the next step should be. " CHAPTER 4 A SORRY, SAD little place to spend generations, with only cobwebs for banners. Not a flag, not a drum, no salutes nor any murmurs of appreciation for the grander age moved the stale air here. What a place to hide a hero. Damned Starfleet efficiency. When Chief O'Brien sealed something, it was bound to stay sealed. Breaking in made for a torturous hour of picking and chipping, with that bogus CONTAMINATED AREA sign glaring down.

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Absorption and Space Reddening in the Galaxy as Shown by the Colors of Globular Clusters by Stebbins J.

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