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By William N Hess, Chris Davey

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ВЂ˜I imagine the luck of the 354th because the major team within the eu theatre for aerial victories is because of a number of issues. First used to be the preliminary education of the squadrons sooner than deployment to England. Colonel Ken Martin nurtured the crowd from its infancy, and the entire excellence that later confirmed via can be positioned at his doorstep. regardless of his formative years, he knew tips on how to foster teamwork and insist perfection in flying. there has been not anything extra vital than getting the crowd off at the correct foot. moment, our pilots have been taught to fly mutual help, and practised it faithfully. there have been no "hot" pilots within the 354th, simply "excellent" pilots. 3rd, males like Glenn Eagleston gave suggestion and warnings approximately strive against strategies and guarding one's tail. This ready our pilots for lurking risks, whatever the opposite teams would possibly not have done.’ Brigadier common James Howard, Commanding Officer of the 354th Fighter team

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Twenty miles from the target I instructed Green flight to fly over Bourges at 10,000 ft as top cover, and deployed Red and Blue flights on courses at deck level so they could hit from three different directions at one-minute intervals. P-51B-15 42-106897 RIGOR MORTIS, coded 'FT-V' was the regular mount of Lt Eddie Regis of the 353rd FS during the summer of 1944 47 48 I hit the field first with Red flight, and caught a landing ME-410, hitting him on the landing roll and causing him to burst into flames, leaving a trail of debris down the runway.

Lt William Y Anderson was flying wing to Lt Glenn Eagleston as part of the 353rd FS's Red flight, and recalled the action; 'Following rendezvous, the lead box of bombers was tapped by 40 Fw 190s, which came in high and head-on. I also fired, but saw no strikes as my aircraft had an oil leak and my windscreen was completely covered. The Fw 190s which we met head-on returned fire but did not hit us. They were firing 20 mm stuff, and it exploded over and around us. Lt Eagleston and I then orbited to the right, and we had made about a 180-degree turn when Lt Eagleston went down on two Fw 190s which were at three o'clock to us.

P-51B-1 43-12393 Chinaman's Chance exploded in mid-air. An escort mission to Schweinfurt on the 24th saw very little activity for the 354th, with the only victory being an 'Me 210' (Me 410) shared by Capt Robert Stephens and an unknown P-38 pilot. Perhaps the most significant event of the day was the combat debut of the Ninth Air Force's 363rd FG, which became only the third P-51B-equipped outfit to be declared operational in the ETO. 25-kill ace Lt Robert Welden of the 356th FS once again found himself in the thick of things, sharing a Bf 109 with three other pilots, an Fw 190 with Lt Tommy Miller and claiming a Bf 109 downed all by himself.

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