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Les ? ‰l? ©ments de math? ©matique de Nicolas Bourbaki ont pour objet une pr? ©sentation rigoureuse, syst? ©matique et sans pr? ©requis des math? ©matiques depuis leurs fondements. Ce troisi? ?me quantity du Livre sur les Groupes et alg? ?bres de Lie, neuvi? ?me Livre du trait? ©, poursuit l ? ©tude des alg?

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Livingstone, M. (2), [the Monster], and finally the Aachen 'CAS' team led by J. Neubtiser and H. Pahlings both for many original tables and for improvements, extensions, and corrections to many others. Among our group-theoretical colleagues at Cambridge who have used the A lr ILA§ and contributed tables, corrections, improvements, or criticism are David Benson, Patrick Brooke, Mike Guy, David Jackson, Gordon James, Peter Kleidman, Martin Liebeck, Nick Patterson, Larissa Queen, Alex Ryba, Jan Saxl, Peter Smith, and finally John Thompson, who has acted as our friend and mentor throughout.

8 Concluding remarks We have given a great deal of thought to the arrangement and printing of character tables, and here pass on our observations to potential table compilers who wish to adopt our conventions. 1. Format Tables with columns of randomly varying widths have a 'ragged' appearance which is very wearying to the reader. In our tables the only permitted widths are 4, 6, 8, ... spaces. We have taken great pains, particularly with our irrationality conventions, to ensure that most columns will fit into the standard width of 4 spaces, so that large tracts of table have a regular layout.

O 6 0 0 o **-b11 Xu - 10 0 -2 10 - A A @ + ** x. x" 10 @ duad ++ X2 x. 7. 2 Character Abstract Linear Orthogonal 14 13:6 13: 12 1a+13a N(13AB) point isotropic point 14 78 D14 D28 1a+12abc+13a+14aa N(7ABC). C(2B) O2(13). L1 (169) minus point 12 91 D12 D24 1a+12abc+13aa+14aa N(2A). N(3A) O (13). base 1a+7ab+12abc+13aa+14a N(2A 2 ) Order Index 78 12 @ 1092 P power p' part ind X, 1A @ @ @ 12 6 6 A A AA A A AA 2A 3A 6A @ @ @ @ @ @ 7 7 7 13 13 A A A A A A A A A A 7A B*2 C*4 13A B* fus ind @ 2 plus point base @ @ @ @ @ 14 6 6 6 777 A A AA AA BB CB AB A A AA AA AB BB CB 2B 4A 12A 8* 14A B*5 C*3 ++ + + 7 -1 -1 o 0 O-b13 X, + 7 -1 -1 o 0 0 X.

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